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Restaurant Reinvention: Two Manhattan Beach Staples Undergo Major Menu and Interior Renovations

Posted in: Darren's

In a similar spirit, I vividly remember the first time I had dinner at Darren’s Restaurant, a somewhat unassuming place matched by an unassuming chef, back when I was first dating a somewhat unassuming movie guy from the South Bay. At that first meal, I remember perfectly cooked fish, which—like pea soup—is harder to achieve than it may seem. True pros pay attention to details, and Chef Darren Weiss is a pro.

Recently, my movie guy husband and our consequent two kids had dinner again at Darren’s, which is also poised for big change this summer. Once again, the fish was perfect. In this case it was medium-rare salmon with a Thai-inflected sweet chili sauce and peanut crust, which when I attempt it at home always seems to turn to Jif in a jiffy. (I am not a chef; I just appreciate great ones.) (Full Press Story)

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