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Our Team

Bart Thompson

General Manager

Bart Thompson

With more than twenty years in the industry, Darren’s General Manager Bart Thompson knows a thing or two about running a restaurant. His guiding principle of “only exceptional food, only exceptional service, only friendly, knowledgeable people,” has helped elevate Darren’s from a beach-side hidden gem to a must-visit destination for Los Angeles foodies and visitors from afar.

Thompson has been a mainstay at Darren’s since 2007, when chef-owner Darren Weiss brought him on board to help assemble a best-in-class wait staff and assist with the restaurant’s grand opening. Since then, Thompson and Weiss have developed a relationship that allows each to play to his strengths: Thompson runs the front of house, while Weiss focuses on what he knows and loves best – the cuisine. Thompson, alongside resident mixologist Jonathan Dahl, was also instrumental in building the popular pre-prohibition style cocktail program that has become part of the restaurant’s identity, and a draw for many patrons.

Thompson prides himself in creating a refined, friendly atmosphere by seeking out warm, personable servers with considerable expertise who genuinely love what they do. His goal is to create a memorable experience for every guest, every time they dine at Darren’s, without exception.